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Zucchetti Kos

Zucchetti’s success story first began in a small foundry in Valduggia (in the province of Vercelli) set up by Alfredo Zucchetti in 1929. Today the Zucchetti. Kos Group, led by the Zucchetti family, Is world renowned for their Luxury plumbing fixtures. Innovation, design, and quality: have always been the essential cornerstones that have guided Zucchetti throughout its history.
At the turn of the century, the bathroom moved centre-stage, reflecting changes in society and culture as taste evolved in line with consumer sensitivity and the bathroom became the “bathing room”. Zucchetti decided, in 2004, to announce the strategic consultancy services of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, new art directors of the brand and international trendsetters in the world of bathroom design. This lead to a collaboration with many world renowned designer, to design the timeless collections Zucchetti offers. In 2007, Zucchetti had the opportunity to expand the brand with the acquisition of Kos, a brand associated with the best production of ultra-luxury bathtubs and shower enclosures. The study of materials and production processes form the basis of company strategy: silkstone, Cristalplant®, Pietraluce®, acrylics and natural woods.From the mini pool to furniture and accessories, Kos is universally recognized as an interpreter of modernism: expressing a range of different tastes, catering for a user who regards well being as a primary value.

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