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Water Candy by Zucchetti

Water Candy by Zucchetti

Give your Hand shower a purpose, besides just to clean down your shower!

Functional design, ergonomics and practicality define WaterCandy, the new revolutionary hand shower designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. Lightweight and easy to handle, with appealing and unexpected aesthetics, it provides the experience of a variable intensity hydrotherapy massage thanks to 5 different experiences.

See the WaterCandy in action, on the video below!!!

(click image the play video)


WaterCandy is a highly innovative product, the result of the constant research carried out by Zucchetti, always an attentive interpreter of contemporary living and numerous variations in the wellness sector. The hand shower designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba is of an unprecedented type.

WaterCandy, can also be used for massaging the body as well as its normal function. Thanks to the handy strap on the back you can easily hold the shower and enjoy the benefits of the massage. WaterCandy is designed with hydro-therapeutic properties of water for anti-stress relaxation; at the same time it stimulates an awakening of vital energies, thanks to jets of different intensity and flow that can be adjusted according to your needs.


3-jet hand shower for body massage: pulse, rain, combined. Silicone strap for holding and pvc hose. Nozzles in soft, anti-limescale silicone.


Brass wall mounted shower support/waterway for Watercandy handshower with quick fitting.

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